Sunday, October 5, 2014

Game 23 PLAY with Watercolors!


AA Cards Game #21 Sept 21 - 27


This week we present a challenge favorite-  

PLAY with Watercolors!

our most popular game and
we invite everyone to play along.

A big thanks to all our MacGyver players last week! We hope you had fun and we thank you for allowing us to take a quick challenge break and start fresh again this week.
All of you made the grade and can call yourself a Card MacGyver!

The crown goes to Our Supreme MacGyver-
Beth at Beth's Little Card Blog

Monika's card was darling! Petra had a clever kraft background!
Chrissie's tree's were terrific! And Rosemary had contemporary style!
Heidi card was scary cute! Lee had a fantastic vellum poinsettia!
and Myrna's card is so "cool" she's princess MacGyver!

 Let's see what the Design Team has to share.......

 We always ask you to step out of your normal routine and try something new and hot in card making circles. Don't forget about the Washi callout :) read the rules to check this out. 
 So, Lets Play!  Add your link up below

Link up, mention us in your post with our address and display our challenge image in order to win please.
Enter up to 3 times, with different cards, play any other challenges as you like.
Visit at least 3 other blogs, be oh so nice and happy with comments.
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Your card needs to be CAS.................. 
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