Sunday, April 26, 2015

Game #38 There's A Hole in my Card!

Hi and Welcome to AAA CAS Card Challenges and our
Game #38 There's a Hole in my Card"
Create a card with an opening somewhere.
Have fun and keep it CAS

This should be fun and quite creative- don't 'cha think?

Two quick notes.....

Winner's Circle Post, game #37, will be announced this coming Sunday, May 2nd.
 I can't wait to see the winning cards. But, hey- did you see them? Goodness, what a beautiful and talented group of shared cards came into our last game.

and second....

Challenge #38 "There's a Hole in my Card!"

 We always ask you to step out of your normal routine and try something new and hot in card making.

 So, Lets Play!  Add your link up below

Link up, mention us in your post with our address and display our challenge image in order to win please.

Enter up to 3 times- different cards, play any other challenges you like.
Visit at least 3 other blogs, be oh so nice and happy with comments.
Please join Followers and help us grow.

Your card needs to be CAS.................. 
Please read the banner tab " Games and Rules Please Read"


  1. Gorgeous cards, thanks for the inspiration <3

    1. Thanks Monica- I hope you have fun. Be sure to be with us again next week for our big party game and hop! Cheers, Victoria

  2. What a fun challenge and wonderful inspiration cards!

  3. OH my goodness.. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this challenge theme!! Grins..
    And wow oh wow on all of the creations.. simply superb!

    Such a pleasure to come visit you all.

    1. ...just saw your card! I can see you are having fun with the challenge! Thanks so much!
      Be sure to be with us again next week for our big party game and hop! Cheers, Victoria

  4. Great challenge! Such lovely card creations by the DT!!

  5. What a really fun challenge! Thanks for making me stretch my card making! :)

    1. Thanks for being here! Your owl is hysterical!

  6. Such fantastic cards! Thank you for a very fun and unique challenge theme! Hugs, Darnell

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