Sunday, February 20, 2022

Game #209: 1/9th + Favourite Animal


Hi everyone!

Welcome to the next challenge here at AAA Cards. 

New this year, is the 1/9th game. Meaning if you divide your cardfront into 9 equal rectangles (or squares if you're using a square cardbase),  you can use one of those rectangles, doesn't matter which one, but just one. in the game badge I placed the Chameleon as the optional  favorite animal  in the lower, middle rectangle, but it could be anywhere, see the DT makes for ideas.

Also you can make a landscape or portrait style card, just didn't fit in the game badge that well. If your image  doesn't fit, consider a bigger cardbase, so your rectangles will turn out bigger ;-) 

I hope it makes sense and you like the challenge we've set.


We're delighted to welcome Dena as our guest designer for this challenge.

She used a cat as her favorite animal, so purrrfect in my opinion ;-)


 And now our Design team makes (in alphabetical order)





And now it's your turn to get creative!




We're looking forward to seeing your CAS cards fill our gallery. Just remember here at AAA Cards we love empty, non patterned white space.





  1. Just an FYI, the linky is open until May 5th.

  2. Must the divisions be a 3x3 grid? I've had an idea dividing my card base into 9 stripes... would that be acceptable?


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