Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Clean and Simple (and nearly cas) Card Challenges and Prizes

I love card challenges, you probably do too if you're here right now. I wanted to create a place to show off clean and more simple, but modern,  styles of cards. Please go ahead and use a little bit of lace or pearls and flowers to enhance your cards...just use WAY WAY less. If you think you've got too much stuff on your card, most likely you do. Definitely try new techniques and be daring. CAS cards can be a little harder to design, but oh boy when you get it right the card just "pops" and you get the "wow" factor too.

I welcome you to play along.

Now, we all like to win things, and starting from scratch there won't be any sponsors for a while. But we will have prizes! I make digital stamps. I'll be offering jpeg and /or png images/stamps to the winners. Buttons and stamp prizes! Everyone who plays should join "Follow AAA Cards" on the sidebar, things like that will help the challenge grow.

 Our first image prize is "Bingo Background". 4 colored, 4.25x 5.5 jpegs

Everyone who plays the first challenge (and leaves an email in the comments)
will receive a "Gold Sunflower" & "Grey Sunflower"

The first challenge will be May 5th. So, come back and play. You can help create a new card challenge......
lets have some fun together!


  1. What a great idea for a blog! I am such a CAS card maker myself!

    1. Thanks Erin,
      I'm looking forward to to seeing your card in the first challenge May 5th :) I went over to your blog, it's cute and you seem busy with your craft.
      Have a great week, Victoria

      PS maybe you'll consider linking your blog to my "Show off your blog" linky page.

  2. Love the sunflower and the kitters are so cute.

  3. Sounds very exciting! I am trying to do a bit more CAS style! Might just have to play along! Good luck with the new blog! Hugs Julie x


  4. Hello and thank you for the Victoria- the comment on my blog as :)
    What happy so what you wrote:
    Hi Kaija,
    Such cute little girls!, I've been scouring your blog and just can't locate an email address for you. DT call at AAA Cards has ended. Only 3 elected. Thank you so much for entering. Please email me, you were such a sweetheart to link up and I have a little present for you- some digital Easter stamps.
    Wishing you a happy Spring,
    Victoria Lavender
    My meil
    Thank you very very much<3 Hugs Kaija


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