Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to make a "bobble head" Card

 A quick silly tutorial. 
Occasionally, the design team here will be taking turns posting tutorials. This first one is quick and kinda easy. You could make it from any topic. You can get your images from magazines, books, unsolicited mail, Google, old greeting cards...anything you can think of. 

You can old school it and do it all by hand, or do it on the computer. Because I do everything on the computer, I made mine using a graphics program called Corel x4. Microsoft Publisher is a wonderful tool too. Some people have Publisher and don't realize that it came in their Office Suite. Look for it if you've never used a graphics program, it's a great first step. 
Or make this card from's all cool!

Locate your theme picture for the 3-D part and create your background and card body.


You'll need: 
small scissors, 
double sided tape, regular tape
spring from a dead ink pen or make spring 
(I did above by wrapping wire around a paint brush handle).
card body and an interesting background
your subject picture (1 or 2 parts)

The Spaceman & Hotdog cards- use a short wide spring

Penguin (and a card like mine) you'll need a longer and skinny spring. Twist and squish a couple of the rings together at the top and bottom 90 degrees so it can be taped down. It will be 1.5 to 2 inches long.

For all styles-tape the spring to the  head/top image with regular tape.

For examples 1 & 3- tape down to your card and your done! Whee!
     (Sometimes a little pop tape is good to stabilize the bobble)

Card 2-
     a) locate where to attach,
     b) tape to card, then tape and cover with second part of  image. You're done!

Or, like my card..............diagram below

So it's a simple idea that can be executed in a few different ways. 
Simple or complex is up to your imagination.

Here's my Christmas card, 
done with the Bowed Method. Take care, have fun, experiment often :)

 Cheers, from Victoria and the AAA Cards Design Team


  1. Clever you and such fun - love the word play on Walken.

  2. You Rock, Victoria! Thanks for the photo tutorial!

  3. So adorable! Just love the play on words. Cracked me up!!

    Can't wait to try this . . .

  4. What a quack up! Love the cleverness.


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