Sunday, June 29, 2014

Game #9 The MacGyver Challenge and Blog Hop

 The MacGyver Challenge and Stampendous Blog Hop Event! 
Challenge #9 Game Image

We have 3 Games! Lot's of Fun and prizes this week!

1) We are celebrating the crazy 5th week of the month with The MacGyver Challenge.This is a 
creative card game with a BIG prize! We won't have inspiration cards to start with (MacGyver always
thinks it up himself) Make a card from the items MacGyver asks for- The winning submission 
will receive a Stampendous Jumbo Flower Stamp Set with Matching Dies for each flower!

2) Victoria is hosting a blog search called "The 5 Image Game", search and find the 5 images of MacGyvers list within DT’s blogs. Create a post with those images and write something short (really short) about your blog visits. Put your post into the Linky below (yep- with the MacGyver cards) You could win a full set of Stampendous Frantage Embossing Powders and Elements!

3) Next we have the best opportunity for a win by blog hopping with AAA Cards DT’s 
“Comments Game”.  Answer the question by the next 6 DT's and leave the answer in her comments box.  
6 winners to this game and 6 Stampendous Stamp prizes!

Play any or all games. Enjoy some crafty Stampendous  tutorials, and some of us 
will show off a MacGyver card too!  Let’s have some FUN!

Last week we CASED Vicki Dutcher's "Inspire" card- our game winner is Riette! Congratulations! We have 2 fabulous Honor Winners, they are Petra and Kristie.  Ladies we have badges for you to proudly hang in your side bars. Thanks to the winners and everyone who played the "Inspire" CASE challenge. All of the cards and blogs were so fun to see!


Stampendous “More than Stamps”
check out all the wonderful products and ideas at Stampendous and their Blog


 One more time........

There will not be inspiration cards from the DT's and the prize is JUMBO! The winner of the game will receive a large flower Stampendous stamp set and matching dies for each flower!

Play any or all 3 games

 Start Hopping Here

Victoria Lavender  " Sunny in Tucson"
Victoria's Search for the "5 Images Game"
Angela Maine "from the tool shed"

Jane Taylor "Purplejet Loves Crafts"

Julia Sager "Julia Sue's Stamping"

Hannelie Bester "Desert Diva"

Linda Beeson "PaperCutting Kind of Day"

Vicki Dutcher "All I do is Stamp"

I hope you have fun today with our first blog hop. 
Chances are good to win a prize, maybe it will be you!

Add your MacGyver Card and/or your 5 Images post here at the link-up


  1. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! I've just finished hopping and have come away with not only a mega watt smile over how FUN this was, but with all kinds of inspiration! Thank you for making my Sunday morning a sheer delight!

    1. Oh goodness, Our pleasure C! thank you so much for going through all the blogs. Big Hug!

  2. I've just finished the hop and what great fun it was!!! Such lovely tuts, too, you ladies have really put in a great effort to make this a very enjoyable hop!!! Thanks so much!!! What a lovely way to spend my Sunday afternoon!!! I will be doing my card and 5-image posts shortly!!!

    1. Wow, so coooool! I'm still morning dizzy with some coffee in hand and you've already done the hop! Thank you, we did do some homework. I'm so proud of my team! I hope you continue to have fun the MacGyver card and 5 image search today. Big Smile & happy thoughts

  3. Not the easiest challenge I've ever done but I did get a card made using all the MacGyver items! Whew. More phots on my blog. :-D

    1. Now you know why it's called MacGyver (big smile) are you going to hop with us too? Lot's big prizes, glad to see you back. Cheers, Victoria,

  4. Oh my what a hop, great tutorials and inspiration. Very dedicated team I must say, thank you. I answered everyone's question and now I'm off to post the 5 images found. Thanks for a great challenge and hop and for a chance to win these fabulous prizes!

    gracielliedesign blogspot com

  5. I just have time to finishing all the BLOG HOP..amazing love all the tutorials and I will try it one by one...thanks Victoria to this lovely games...NOW I Really must go not in front of computer because I need a card to join your lovely challenge blog...I go off now Victoria...hugs from Germany, Monika

  6. Gorgeous hop! The ladies had been so innovative and their talent showed through their creations.
    Lucky me some new techniques to try myself :)


  7. Hi Ladies....I am such a goof! I meant to put my name under Entry #17, but in my rush to add it, I didn't *hanging head in shame*. Can you fix it for me? I'd like it to be Carol....Thanks!

  8. Hi everyone - there was something WONKY with linky when I tried to link up my CARD. - Hope you find it! It's #19 I think.

  9. Enjoyed the video clip Victoria. At last I know what this MacGyver chap is all about! Don't think it ever broadcast here in the UK.

    1. OH Jane you must have missed out :D . It showed here when I was in school and we didn't miss an episode! He was SO handsome LOL

  10. Terima kasih udah di ijinin coret-coret....
    ditunggu kunjungan baliknya.....
    salam dari Indonesia......


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