Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The MacGyver Challenge is Coming Next Week! and a BLOG HOP!

Stampendous Spectacular Preview, WOW!

We are having so much fun with our new challenge blog, that we thought...
"Let’s do a Blog Hop with Prizes!"

We are celebrating the crazy 5th week of the month with The MacGyver Challenge.This is a 
silly card game with a BIG prize! Make a card from the items MacGyver asks for- best submission 
wins a Stampendous Jumbo Flower Stamp Set with Matching Dies for each flower!

Game #2 is “Victoria’s Blog Hop Search” find the images of MacGyvers list within Dt’s blogs. 
Create a post with those images and write something short about your blog visits. You could win 
a full set of Stampendous Frantage Embossing Powders and Elements!

Next we have the best opportunity for a win by blog hopping with AAA Cards DT’s 
“Comments Game”.  Answer the question by the DT and leave the answer in her comments box.  
6 winners to this game and 6 Stampendous Stamp prizes!

Enjoy some card making tutorials having fun with Stampendous at our blogs, and some of us 
will show off a MacGyver card too!  Let’s have a little fun playing
“The MacGyver Card Challenge and Blog Hop Games” next week.
 (and yeah! I did leave you the MacGyver formula- get to work!)



  1. MacGyver....swoon!! MacGyver Challenge: brilliant!!! I'm playing for sure!! What a creative, fun team you are, keeping us on our toes! And now, I'm going to see what 'useful implement' I can make from a leaf and...an elastic *grin*

  2. Ladies, this is absolutely Brilliant!!!! What a fun idea!!!! I'm definitely in!!! What a lovely challenge to make a CAS card with all those elements!! Can't wait for all the fun to begin!!!!


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